Anything is Possible, One step at a time.

In ten days a return home. The doubts begin to linger in the waiting stage Have I rested too long? Did I really train enough and place my body through the hardships to remember how to cope? A new question of failure exists now: being Lackadaisical. This is a third state now and probably the 7th multiday ultra marathon; yes each more challenging and different. I feel I am get to comfy. It is always hard to manage the logistics of the event, to endure the pounding on the body, and ask more of your family and friends than you deserve.

I too am concerned about my ability to raise up my intensity for the cause. Cancer has not relinquished its grip on you and I! Each day friends, family, co-workers acquaintances are learning or struggling through a reality that is reshaping their lives. My good friends the Ranson family have undergone the pain of discovery, the unfathomable daily living with the disease, and now the loss which cancer brings, death.

Life is not seen the same after such struggle for life. We think and feel different. We think and transform into something new. We feel joy and loss in the same moment. We gather courage with those we love to find meaning and acceptance of what should be. So we go on slowly, recreating the little pieces of our lives that mean so much to our joy. Slowly, reluctantly, faithfully, longingly we manage the days of our being. The I am, the I was, and the I will be flow together in the memory of daily life; until once again we can worry about the normal things of life. Work, friends, eating, drinking, parties, and running .

Rest Well Bill Ranson, you are among the Saints.

Thank you for the faithful courage your life brought to so many.

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